RIA Intel’s Best Stories of 2019 – And How the List Came to Be

(Illustration by RIA Intel)

(Illustration by RIA Intel)

These stories had the most readers, greatest engagement, and demand to be read.

I know, another one of these lists...

But if you’ve made it this far, stick around. Not all lists are created equal and, like most things at RIA Intel, we put considerable thought into this.

Our best stories from 2019 are not just a collection that garnered the most visitors or fascinated readers (although many on this list did those things). They reflect an attitude at RIA Intel and its sister publication Institutional Investor; Some stories need to be told, regardless of expectations, and reporting them in itself is a success.

Since RIA Intel launched this summer, it was the first to write about Altruist, a new, digital custodian for RIAs, and to explore how new SEC rules would disorder their presence on the internet.

It questioned advisors’ motives behind starting a $999 club, explored a Ponzi scheme that fleeced RIAs, and interviewed the most influential leaders in the wealth management industry, including the dynamic duo at Ritholtz Wealth Management and the woman who stopped Jamie Dimon in his tracks.

And it was among the first to report on Ken Fisher’s crude comments at an industry conference, and consequently being banned. While others covered the news, RIA Intel delivered analysis on how Schwab played TD Ameritrade before it bought the company.

Imagine what 12 full months will deliver next year? Our expectations are high. And we hope yours are, too. But in the meantime, grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and enjoy the stories we’re most proud to share.

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Ken Fisher’s ‘Horrifying’ Comments Lead Advisors to Break Non-Disclosure Agreements

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The Next Schwab?

Schwab Played TD Ameritrade

How a Massive Ponzi Scheme Fleeced RIAs, Religious Groups, and Retirees

Dynasty Financial Builds New Home in Florida and Employees Are Awestruck By One Big Difference

She Went Running With Jamie Dimon. When She Said This, He Stopped.

Is This the Most Sought After Job in Wealth Management?

Do-Good Advisors – or Something Else? Two RIAs Explain Their New, $999, Advisors-Only Club

How New SEC Rules Would Disorder the Internet as Advisors Know It

Where Crooked Advisors Thrive

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