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“We hit a lot of touchpoints and make that relationship very, very sticky, and that has resulted in a 98.2 percent retention rate,” said CEO Chris Behrens.
Orion is using the controversial app to handle everything from RFPs to comparing portfolios.
RIAs who called themselves tech-embracers had higher three-year compound annual growth rates in assets, clients, and revenue than peers who are not early adopters.
The Commission’s changes have created confusion in wealth management about the definition of qualified custodian.
In response, Orion Advisor Solutions has devised a new tool, BeFi20, to help advisors bridge the gap between love and finance.
Investor confidence, even for those that work with an advisor, has declined once again, as inflation woes continue to affect even the mass affluent.
New research indicates that nearly two-thirds of Millennial and Gen Z investors believe that working with an advisor is key for financial success — yet most advisors still have an older client base.
Savvy Wealth has experienced rapid growth by identifying advisors that are the best fit for its platform.
Only 35 percent of Americans work with a financial professional, yet advisors are equipped to handle many of the financial tasks that Americans find overwhelming.
A new survey reveals a sentiment that’s a departure from the norm.