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Advisors will have access to a wider array of investment and marketing strategies.
A quality and consistent view has been lacking.
A comprehensive global survey identifies managers that have kept pace with the bull market while outperforming during bearish times.
iCapital’s CEO Lawrence Calcano told RIA Intel that the alternative investment giant has a runway of about $500 million in capital due to previous fundraising rounds and was not actively seeking the investment.
A new survey suggests that financial advisors want all retail investors to have the same access as accredited investors.
The alternative investment platform says it has a robust pipeline of exclusive agreements to build customized versions of itself for other wealth managers.
A new survey suggests financial advisors are more willing to engage wholesalers. Growing allocations to alternative investments might be the reason.
Advisors will eventually be able to customize the large cap sleeve of some model portfolios built by Altruist with as little as $2,000.
The software firm aggregates and organizes information from financial advisors’ growing lists of alternative investment platforms.
The software company says that its independence and foundational code make it a better choice than its competitors, who have acquired and mashed together firms to offer a similar suite of services.