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More than 54 plans, representing 90 percent of the industry’s $415 billion plan assets, were evaluated by Morningstar.
“Large institutional investors are not going to pull out their phone and download an app and put a billion dollars to work. They’re going to work in a regulated market,” says Matt Hougan, CIO of Bitwise.
Cerulli Associates, Invesco, and the Investment & Wealth Institute have written a new ‘playbook’ for advisors about alternative investments.
Ric Edelman says yes and that it might come this year.
According to a new report by Cerulli, technological changes and increased education have made the once inaccessible alternative more available than ever.
High fees, illiquidity, and a dearth of educational resources were three of the top barriers listed by advisors to investing in alternatives.
Alts are gaining significant traction, according to a new report.
A new report shows that regardless of manager talent, U.S. equities have dominated their non-U.S. counterparts.