The list includes some of wealth management’s most exciting, innovative, and influential companies and individuals.
The Dakota Wealth Management CXO has a plan of succession — not just for her firm, but for the financial services industry as a whole.
“We hit a lot of touchpoints and make that relationship very, very sticky, and that has resulted in a 98.2 percent retention rate,” said CEO Chris Behrens.
Lorenzo Esparza admires Bernstein’s model. “We’re going to manage all the money in all these asset classes and if we don’t perform, you can go elsewhere.”
A two-year-old partnership with Wealth Partner Capital Group has paid off handsomely for Merit Financial Advisors.
When it comes to his clients, Jacky Petit-Homme, co-founder of Philadelphia’s Liberty One Financial Advisors — a firm that now has $75 million in AUM and has grown in just two years to serve approximately 120 households — draws on the experiences of his Haitian parents and those who came before them.
Jack Ablin may have spent four decades in the industry, but he’s not done trying to change it.