A two-year-old partnership with Wealth Partner Capital Group has paid off handsomely for Merit Financial Advisors.
When it comes to his clients, Jacky Petit-Homme, co-founder of Philadelphia’s Liberty One Financial Advisors — a firm that now has $75 million in AUM and has grown in just two years to serve approximately 120 households — draws on the experiences of his Haitian parents and those who came before them.
Jack Ablin may have spent four decades in the industry, but he’s not done trying to change it.
Her approach to creating generational wealth is changing lives in extraordinary ways.
It’s a big industry, and we want to hear from you about the people you think make it a remarkable one, too.
“Teams want leaders and advisors to treat them like people, not transactions,” says founder Michelle Wong.
By focusing on financial conferences and media, the Rising Star is lifting the voices of women, non-binary people, and people of color in the industry.
The UCLA grad also explains why she follows the advice of revered basketball coach John Wooden: “Never mistake activity for achievement.”
Vince Morris of OneDigital, a firm finalist for Retirement Plan of the Year, says keeping clients on track in the current economic conditions can require tough love.
The firm – a finalist in the category of RIA of the Year, Less Than $1 Billion AUM – helps many of its clients meet the challenges that come with being global citizens.