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Peter Raimondi, nominee for RIA Intel CEO of the Year award, and Chief Experience Officer Carina Diamond, nominee for Industry Advocate of the Year, have helped create a firm that reflects their beliefs about how an employee-focused business should operate.
Ka’Neda Bullock is dedicated to preparing young generations to protect and grow the wealth they’ll inherit.
As all investors seek to understand the risk-adjusted returns in an investment, Cornerstone’s Erika Karp can’t believe more haven’t embraced ESG analysis.
Jessica Goedtel, owner of Pavilion Financial Planning and a finalist for the RIA Intel Client Advocate of the Year award, told RIA Intel that going solo has allowed her to speak out about issues that are important to her.
Eric Woo and Chris Shen were forced to pivot three times before they found a business model that worked. The company they settled on — Revere — has been selected as a finalist for RIA Intel’s Most Innovative Technology of the Year award.
Alexandra J. Miele, managing director and partner at the Andriole Group and an RIA Intel Award finalist for Advisor of the Year, is focused on creating a best-in-class client experience.
Industry Advocate of the Year Nominee Allan Boomer’s firm Momentum Advisors has grown 1,500% in the past ten years, but giving back is still priority number one.
The Most Innovative Technology of the Year nominee helps asset owners, asset managers, and advisors with the technology tools they need for multi-asset investing.
Founder Lindsey Swanson, a Client Advocate of the Year nominee, started her firm to help this stigmatized and underserved group navigate the world of financial planning.
Sara Wendt, who joined the firm as an intern, believes that age is just a number — and she rewards hard work no matter what year you were born.