Introducing The Inaugural RIA Intel Awards

Illustration by Leonardo Santamaria.

Illustration by Leonardo Santamaria.

A celebration of financial advisors, wealth management firms, and others who support them.

RIA Intel is delighted to announce the inaugural RIA Intel Awards, a celebration of financial advisors, wealth management firms, and others who support them.

When RIA Intel was launched in 2019 the industry welcomed a new publication, built on 50 years of excellence at Institutional Investor. The goal was high-quality journalism that informed, persuaded, and entertained.

During the short existence of RIA Intel and through the RIA Institute, we have learned the universe we serve is filled with exceptional people, firms, and stories — and the RIA Intel Awards are a way to share those stories while shining a light on the remarkable work taking place around us every day.

The RIA Intel Awards will recognize more than 15 difference-makers in the industry, including advisors and firms of the year, “Rising Stars of the Year,” and the “Industry Advocate of the Year.” It’s a chance for some of the most distinguished people in wealth management to come together and celebrate one another. Of course, there will be hardware for winners to take home, but the real point is to recognize excellence and what inspires it. We promise you’ll have a hell of a good time, too.

Like you, at RIA Intel we’re ambitious. Like you, we are always looking for ways to better serve our audience and clients. The RIA Intel Awards are another step in that ongoing journey.

Nominations are open through Monday, May 23. We encourage you to nominate anyone you believe has made a significant contribution to the industry during 2021 or 2022. Nominate your peers, colleagues, and yourselves. Self-nominations are gladly accepted.

If you have questions about nominations, please email me:

Michael Thrasher

Editor, RIA Intel

Advisor of the Year
Think: The advisor who has accomplished, overcome, or contributed something that stands out in the industry .

RIA of the Year Less Than $1 Billion AUM
Think: A small but mighty RIA that you admire and wouldn’t think twice about recommending.

RIA of the Year More Than $1 Billion AUM
Think: An impressive RIA that has grown beyond a practice and into a complex business for the betterment of clients and its employees.

Retirement Plan Advisor of the Year
Think: An exceptional advisor – big or small – to plan sponsors.

RIA Acquirer of the Year
Think: Whether it acquired a minority stake in one RIA or bought 20 RIAs, this firm deserves recognition for how and why they do it.

Most Innovative Technology of the Year
Think: Something built in-house by an RIA or new third-party software used by wealth managers.

Most Innovative Firm of the Year
Think: An RIA doing something that others aren’t. Maybe how they market themselves? Or their partnership, compensation structure, or employee benefits? Software they developed themselves? Do you know an RIA serving clients in ways that others aren’t?

New Practice of the Year
Think: The new independent wealth manager that looks most promising or interesting.

CEO of the Year
Think: The chief executive at an RIA — or any company supporting RIAs — that deserves recognition for their ideas, performance, or character.

CIO of the Year
Think: Not just someone who helped clients beat their benchmark, but who also perhaps expanded or overhauled a team, came up with unique solutions for clients, or some other accomplishment that merits recognition.

Rising Stars of the Year
Think: A group of advisors and other professionals who represent the future of private wealth management. Share one or many professionals who you think deserve to be part of this group.

Industry Advocate of the Year
Think: An advisor, academic, regulator, or anyone else who is advocating for RIAs. They don’t necessarily have the loudest megaphone but are a potent proponent of the industry.

Client Advocate of the Year
Think: The advisor or professional going above and beyond to service and/or protect investors.

Asset Manager of the Year
Think: A company doing more than good investment management. This asset manager works with RIAs and offers a unique value proposition.

ESG Advocate of the Year
Think: The person, asset manager, researcher, or other professional making a difference by encouraging and helping RIAs to invest sustainably on behalf of their clients.

Submit nominations here.

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