Here Are the Finalists for the 2nd Annual RIA Intel Awards

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The list includes some of wealth management’s most exciting, innovative, and influential companies and individuals.

RIA Intel is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2023 RIA Intel Awards.

Finalists were chosen from a diverse and talented pool of candidates and represent the best in the industry. They include big and small RIAs that are on the leading edge in the industry, as well as the most innovative technology firms that are changing the face of wealth management.

Categories include Industry Advocate of the Year, CIO of the Year, and Advisor of the Year, among others. Winners will be honored in person on June 7, 2023 at an awards dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston (Register for the event here).

RIA Intel is also proud to honor its second cohort of rising stars in the industry — a group who represent the future of wealth management.

A full list of the finalists and the rising stars can be found below.

Advisor of the Year

  • Anderson Lafontant, Director, Miracle Mile Advisors
  • Ben VerWys, Founder and Senior Financial Advisor, Fiduciary Financial Advisors
  • Darcy Borella, Wealth Management Advisor, Maia Wealth
  • Gabriel Shahin, Founder and Principal, Falcon Wealth Planning
  • Jerry Davidse, CEO, Presilium Private Wealth
  • Miguel Sosa, Founding Partner, Premia Global Advisors
  • Thomas C. West, Senior Partner, Signature Estate & Investment Advisors

Asset Manager of the Year

  • Unlimited Funds
  • Avantis Investors by American Century Investments
  • Astoria Portfolio Advisors
  • Fidelity Investments
  • PPB Capital Partners
  • Blue Owl Capital

CEO of the Year

  • Andres Garcia-Amaya, CEO, Zoe Financial
  • JC Abusaid, CEO and President, Halbert Hargrove
  • Jeff Dekko, CEO, Wealth Enhancement Group
  • Matthew Liebman, Founding Partner and CEO, Amplius Wealth Advisors
  • Mike LaMena, CEO, Wealthspire Advisors
  • Randy Long, Founder and CEO, SageView Advisory Group
  • Shannon Eusey, CEO, Beacon Pointe Advisors

CIO of Year

  • Chris Cook, President and CIO, Beacon Capital Management
  • Dana D’Auria, Co-CIO and Group President, Envestnet Solutions
  • Michael McKeown, CIO, Marcum Wealth
  • Phil Huber, CIO, Savant Wealth Management
  • Stephanie Lang, Principal and CIO, Homrich Berg
  • Stephanie Link, Chief Investment Strategist, Hightower Advisors

Client Advocate of the Year

  • Kristina Keck, Vice President, Retirement Plan Services, Woodruff Sawyer
  • Christine Lucero, Head of Private Wealth, CCO, Satovsky Asset Management
  • Jenna Brazile, Managing Director, Client Advisor, Freestone Capital Management
  • Kevin Smith, Senior Vice President, Wealthspire Advisors
  • Lawrence Sprung, Founder and Wealth Advisor, Mitlin Financial
  • Maria Harrington, Director of Client Service, Operations Specialist, Saratoga Research and Investment Management
  • Paul Karger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, TwinFocus Capital Partners

Industry Advocate of the Year

  • Barrett Ayers, President and CEO, Adhesion Wealth
  • Cullen Roche, Founder and CIO, Discipline Funds
  • Barry Mulholland, Ph.D, Director and Founder, Financial Planning Program at The University of Akron
  • Jeff Thomas, Northeast Regional Director, Swan Global Investments
  • Matt Reiner, CEO and Co-Founder, Benjamin
  • Phil Coniglio, CIO and Chief Information Security Officer, Private Advisor Group
  • Samuel Adams, CEO and Co-founder, Vert Asset Management
  • Sonya Dreizler, Co-Founder, Choir

Most Innovative Technology of the Year

  • Vestwell
  • FP Alpha
  • Envestnet Data & Analytics
  • Bento Engine
  • Zoe Wealth Platform

Retirement Plan Advisor of the Year

  • Chuck Williams, CEO, Finspire
  • Jania Stout, Senior Vice President of Retirement and Wealth, OneDigital
  • Matthew Delaney, Managing Partner, JDH Wealth
  • Michele T. Sarna, Partner and Managing Director, Beacon Pointe Advisors
  • Steven Gibson, Principal, Rehmann Financial
  • Wendy L. Eldridge, Managing Director and Partner, Marcum Wealth
  • Edward Wagner, Managing Director, SageView Advisory Group

RIA of the Year (Less Than $1 Billion AUM)

  • Fiduciary Financial Advisors
  • Grand Wealth Management
  • Satovsky Asset Management
  • The Harvest Group
  • Ullmann Wealth Partners
  • Vance Wealth
  • Fairhaven Wealth Management

RIA of the Year (More Than $1 Billion AUM)

  • Aspiriant
  • Beacon Capital Management
  • Beacon Pointe Advisors
  • Cerity Partners
  • Choreo
  • Cresset Asset Management
  • Telemus Capital
  • SageView Advisory Group
  • Thrivent Advisor Network

Rising Stars of the Year

  • AJ Ayers, Co-Founder, Brooklyn Fi
  • Emily Platt, Senior Associate, Investments, Wealthspire Advisors
  • Gabriel Shahin, Founder and Principal, Falcon Wealth Planning
  • James Pryor, COO and CCO, Doliver Advisors
  • Karla Ortiz-Flores, Business Intelligence Manager, Market Street Trust Company
  • Marc Horner, Founder and Wealth Advisor, Fairhaven Wealth Management
  • Ritik Malhotra, CEO and Co-Founder, Savvy Wealth
  • Shana Orczyk Sissel, Founder and CEO, Banrion Capital Management
  • Toussaint Bailey, Founder and CEO, Uplifting Capital
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