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Private Wealth Is Heading to Alternatives — What’s Driving It and Where Is It Going?

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Private wealth is heading to alternatives—what’s driving it and where is it going?

Alternatives have been the preserve of institutional investors for decades but now, more than at any other time, a confluence of factors is paving the way for individual investors to be drivers of growth across the alternatives landscape going forward. We look at the factors pairing individual investors and alternatives.

Key takeaways:

  • Individual wealth is growing and both mass affluent and high-net-worth investors are increasingly interested in alternative strategies and private markets.
  • Three investor segments showing signs of significant growth include women, engaged first-time investors, and mass affluent investors.
  • Private credit has evolved and grown exponentially over the past decade.
  • New registered alternative investment vehicles are giving individual investors what they want: more liquidity and transparency.
  • Market uncertainty and radical macroeconomic shifts reinforce the role of alternatives within a diversified portfolio.

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