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The investor and HBS lecturer shares how he developed the first curriculum for impact investing, and how he’s convincing a new generation of students that good risk adjusted financial returns, and a positive difference in the world, are not mutually exclusive.
The time for RIAs to act is now, says Jon Foster, president and CEO of Angeles Wealth Management.
“What we are trying to do, without Black entrepreneurs, is impossible from my point of view.”
“I like to describe it as a brand-new category and that we need to add a D to the ESG,” said Julie Cane, president of Democracy Investments.
Rick Kent, founder and CEO of Merit Financial Advisors, explains how he built a large company and the new strategies required to maintain its momentum.
Citing a massive transfer of wealth to millennials, Rehana Nathoo, founder and CEO of Spectrum Impact, says that RIAs must have a firm grasp on impact investing.
James McDonald, CEO of Hercules Investments, is using equity index options to profit from an expected surge in volatility and market swings.
“I believe we are in a type of depression that has not yet been recognized — not a recession. And the difference between the two is seismic.”
The new president of the battered, evolving Financial Planning Association and his effort to shape public policy for 20,000 financial planners.
Karen Barr, the president and CEO of the Investment Adviser Association, discusses the legislative and regulatory changes that could impact the industry.